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Easter is now known worldwide for the eggs and bunnies, but in Portugal you can still find old traditions, specially in the countryside. These traditions are almost all religious, Catholicism has been the most important religion in Portugal for century's and Easter has been celebrated in a Catholic way.

Easter in AlgarveIn Portugal, during these days, many centuries-old traditions are organized which do not form part of the Roman Missal, such as the processions of the Lord Ecce Homo, burial of the Lord and the resurrection. Although the Easter festivities are held throughout the country, two particularly emblematic events are the solemn processions of holy week in Braga and holy week in Castelo de Vide due to their unique regional characteristics. The former displays rigorous observance of Christian ritual, while the other is of Christian expression significantly influenced by Jewish culture.

Easter is the perfect time to try specialties of Portuguese cuisine. After the fasting of Lent, the best delicacies are eaten, such as roast kid, lamb stew, meatballs, buns, chocolate and almond eggs. Just a few of the delicious dishes you can try.

"Folar" is the typical Portuguese bread to eat during Easter. It is made of water, salt, eggs and flour. The flavour depends on the region, and even Portugal being a small country, it can vary from a salty flavour (more in the north) to a sweet flavour (predominant in the south).

For example in the north there is a folar where they put all types of meat, and in a south they put cinnamon, lemon and honey.

Easter in Portugal is highly sought after by tourists from around the world coming to Portugal and Algarve to enjoy a short vacation after a harsh winter and enjoy the delights of the feast of Easter very well known worldwide.

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