Algarve Pass the loyalty card for Algarve

Tourists who vacation in the Algarve destination will now have a loyalty card called 'Algarve Pass ", which give access to experiences, services and products in the region.

Algarve Loyalty Card The project, described as "innovative" and supported by a strong technological component, was presented last Thursday, the Bolsa de Turismo de Lisboa (BTL). The idea came from the Algarve Tourism, in partnership with the Association of Commerce and Services of the Algarve Region (ACRAL) and Processcard company.

"It's a card that gives the tourist a quality experience at the destination and that will give partners and associates greater visibility," stressed the President of Entity Regional de Turismo do Algarve, Desiderio Silva.

The card will be on sale later this year, probably after the summer, and will provide access to a wide range of experiences, products and services in the region with special discounts.

Strengthening the 'brand' Algarve along the segment and increase transactions made with the local businesses are the objectives of the 'Algarve Pass ", which will have three different programs: recreational and cultural, the security and financial.

In a single card, visitors can enjoy tours of the Algarve region, including tourism offer reasonable prices, while having access to health or safety and a 'call center', available 24 hours a day to support emergencies.

The tourist must purchase the card in tourist offices or at authorized dealer locations and technological component associated with it will after the tourist and partners monitor transactions made over the Internet and also on various mobile platforms.

All information of the tourist experience in the region will be stored, including points accumulated during the use of the card at the end of the visit can be exchanged for local products.

Storefronts in interactive tourism offices

The 21 tourist offices of the Algarve will be available 24 hours a day until the end of the year. Storefronts equipped with interactive screens will 'meet' tourists anytime and any day of the week.

These devices aim to "revolutionize how the tourist receives facts and content on the region," announced the Algarve Tourism Board, during the BTL.

The multitouch windows will transform simple glass storefront on a surface that reproduces images and texts through the user command.

That is, the tourist can interact with photos, multimedia or applications that disclose the tourism resources of the region.

"This technology will become the permanent local jobs in the tourist information support, strengthening the usual opening hours of the structures," said Desiderio Silva.

The contents will be available in five languages ​​(Portuguese, English, German, Spanish and French) and the user's storefront will also be able to download via Bluetooth or wi-fi information that is consulting.

The project will be developed by the Algarve Tourism, in partnership with ACRAL.

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