Roman gold coin returns to Portimão

After an absence of 43 years, Portimão and finally back to its former historical context precious Roman coin 'Aureus' Faustina, removal of the Arade River during the dredging of silt carried in 1970.

Algarve Car HireThe decision, approved by order of the Secretary of State for Culture, states that this coin minted in the second century AD, is definitely incorporated in the collections of the Museum of Portimão, as a member of the Portuguese Network of Museums with conditions suitable to accommodate an object of this asset value and will be displayed in the exhibition «Portimão - Territory and Identity."

This was the only specimen of its kind found in a set of a few thousand coins recovered following those dredging works together with many fragments of pottery and various metal parts, stating that all the important collection commercial movement that existed at the mouth of the Arade during the Roman influence. Shortly after their discovery, minted between the years 152 and 156 of our era in honor of Faustina Junior, wife of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, was delivered by the then Board of Autonomous Ports in the western Algarve custody of CGD, where he remained until now.

On the obverse, the exemplary features the bust of Faustina right, with wavy hair, caught on the neck and the caption FAUSTINA AUG. AUG P II FIL, ie Faustina Augusta Pia, daughter of Augustus, title sported by the current Emperor, Antoninus Pius), whereas the reverse is engraved a dove walking, and the legend CONCORDIA.

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