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Algarve facts - Location

Algarve is the southernmost region of portugal and one of europe's favourite holiday destinations.

Algarve is portugal's most popular holiday destination due to the clean beaches (approximately 200 km of them), the cool, unpolluted water, and the facts that it is relatively cheap and very safe.

Algarve is composed of 5. 411 square kilometres with approximately 420,000 (census 2004) permanent inhabitants. This figure can swell to well over a million people in the height of the summer.

The algarve administrative centre is Faro. With its control over 16 municipalities, which in turn govern a total of 77 parishes. The length of the south-facing coastline is approx. 155 kilometres and stretches about 52 kilometres to the north on the west. At the widest point to the north, it is approximately 36 kilometres deep.

Communication is mainly by road but there is single-track railway line running from.


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